Kentucky Elastic Tendon Boots


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The Tendon Boots Elastic have a tough outer shell casing which is styled in an
extremely light yet strong TPU to protect against impact, whilst the tendon and
fetlock areas are both reinforced with Proteck Impact Gel* for ultimate protection.
Laboratory tests have shown that the boots absorb impact over 50% better than any
other boot currently on the market, with the ability to disperse a heavy blow
equivalent to that which would actually break a human bone. The tendon area of the
boot features intelligent ventilation holes to help prevent legs and tendons
overheating, whilst the neoprene lining is also perforated, making these boots
incredibly breathable, as well as offering excellent cushioning against the skin.
The boots also feature a higher cut out design than traditional tendon boots to allow
total freedom of movement around the pastern area, when the horse is jumping.
Consideration is also paid to give optimum freedom and comfort to the splint bone,
so that horses are able to flex the knee without interference. The tendon boots
feature an open front and the double elasticated insertion within the strap design
has been developed to cater for those riders who want a boot, which offers the
ultimate protection, yet features this more traditional design. The elastic closure
makes it very easy to close these boots and adjust the size. These boots sustain the
washing machine at 30°, no dryer. Use our Boots Cleaner to make them look shiny
and brand new!

– Tendon and fetlock areas reinforced with Proteck Impact Gel
– Strength on the outside, comfort on the inside
– Top rated in impact tests
– Ventilation system for cool performance

*Proteck Impact Gel is a light and clever material that locks on impact and then
disperses the blow returning to its former pliable self immediately.