Kentucky Grooming Halter


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The Leather Grooming Halter is made of artificial leather (100% animal friendly). This
artificial leather does not absorb water or dirt, does not break, doesn’t get hard or
change color. It’s more flexible than real leather and therefore much nicer to use.
Because it doesn’t absorb water this halter is perfect for washing horses. The Leather
Grooming Halter doesn’t have a throat latch which makes it easy to put on and take
off. Many top show grooms prefer a grooming halter without throat latch in the
grooming box. The nose piece is made of rolled artificial leather. The size can be
adjusted under the chin and on the left side of the head. The Leather Grooming
Halter features a gold colored plate with our engraved logo. It can be turned over
and personalized. All closures are gold colored and are therefore a perfect match
with our leads. This halter can be cleaned with our Kentucky Horsewear Tack Cleaner.
It was specially developed to clean our artificial leather. Very easy and efficient! Do
not clean with glycerin soap.

– Artificial leather (100% animal friendly)
– Water and dirt resistant
– No throat latch
– Adjustable in two places
– Plate with logo can be turned over to engrave