Kentucky Relax Horse Toy Pony


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If your horse tends to get bored standing in his stall, this Relax Horse Toy Pony is the
ideal stable buddy! This Relax Horse Toy Pony isn’t only nice to look at, it also gives
the horses something to play with. When the horse puts pressure on the toy’s belly, it
produces a cracking plastic sound, a sound that intrigues the horses very much.
The Relax Horse Toy Pony has a Velcro closure under the tail, where it can be
opened up to replace the plastic with a new plastic bottle of same sort. The neck and
head of the toy is filled with jute, therefore the neck and head can also be pushed in
without losing form. The loose mane, tail and legs of the toy are also very fun to play
with. A small rope is attached to the withers so it can be attached in the stall.

– Prevents boredom by producing intriguing sound
– Replaceable inside
– Fun loose mane, tail and legs
– Rope to attach the toy in the stall