Kentucky Sheepskin Anatomic Girth


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Specially shaped and designed to follow the horse’s natural movement, the Kentucky
Horsewear Sheepskin Anatomic Girth offers both comfort and freedom. It relieves
the horse’s shoulders and elbows, allowing to breathe better while still limiting the
risk of injuries. It features elastics on both ends to equalize pressure as well as three
D-rings to accommodate schooling equipment and a buckle to attach the
breastplate to the girth. The elastics are very strong and stay firm as they are three
double made. The Sheepskin Anatomic Girth features an EVA protective inner. The
artificial sheepskin offers excellent cushioning against the skin. The girth is made out
of artificial leather, making it 100% animal-friendly and easy to maintain. Kentucky
Horsewear developed a Tack Cleaner to clean our artificial leather. Very easy and
efficient! The artificial leather doesn’t take in any dirt, sweat or water and is therefore
very durable! It does not change color and doesn’t get damaged easily.

– Anatomically shaped
– EVA protective inner
– Strong three double elastics
– Three D-rings and a buckle to attach a breastplate to the girth
– Artificial sheepskin attached with a strong Velcro